FACSAria Fusion

The Aria Fusion is equipped with 3 lasers, UV (15mW @355nm), Blue (50mW @488nm), and Red (100mW @633nm) and is capable of measuring up to 8 parameters including forward and side scatter.  The instrument also has 70um 85um and 100um nozzles and is capable of plate and index sorting into 96 and 384-well plates.  

This system supports a variety of different collection tube formats (with temperature control water bath) which include:  

  • Two-way sorting: 12 x 75-mm and 15-mL tubes
  • Four-way sorting: 1.5-mL microtubes and 12 x 75-mm tubes 


 Suggested Fluorophores with the laser and filter set configuration:

*** Note All Users are required to fill out a intake form when scheduling on iLabs ***

Rates OUHSC Non-Academic
Cell Sorting with assistance $85.00/ hour $118.89/ hour
Cancellation Charges (less than 24-hour notice) $35.00  


For online scheduling navigate to iLabs for the core login page: https://ouhsc.corefacilities.org/ 

Minimum appointment time is 30 minutes and anything longer than 4 hours needs approval.

Any problems with iLab calendar read the help manuals below:


  • Cells should be at a concentration of 5x106 to 10x106/ml
  • Samples can be in a 12x75ml tube or 15ml conical tube
  • Unstained, Isotype and single color controls 
  • Lab coat


SAFE OPERATING PRACTICES (read before using equipment)