Influx Cell Sorter

The Influx cell sorter has the ability to sort cell at 50,000 events per second. The system has 5 laser excitation (UV, 405, 488, 561and 633nm) and up to 12 fluorescent parameters may be collected for each cell analyzed. A spectrometer detector can also be used to collect the signal at wavelength of 300-900nm. The sensitivity is better that 100 MESF with a noise level and detection limit of 3 photons. The flow cytometer can be adapted to provide kinetic measurements of various parameters while cells are maintained at a specific desired temperature.

  • Multi-color immunophenotyping
  • Measurement of intracellular ion concentrations (pH, Ca2+, Mg2+)
  • Cell sorting (into Petri dishes or microtiter plates)
  • Enrichment of specific rare cell populations
  • Detection of cell surface markers
  • Live cell/dead cell discrimination
  • Measurement of membrane potential
  • Sorting of mammalian and yeast chromosomes for construction of cDNA libraries and other molecular techniques
  • Changes in membrane fluidity (fluorescence polarization)
  • Assessment of glutathione concentration
  • Measurement of DNA vs. RNA content vs. protein levels in G0 and cycling cell populations
  • Detection of apoptosis (DNA fragmentation)
  • Assays for DNA damage and repair (Halo Assay)
  • Determination of cell size
  • Flow Karyotyping

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Rates   OUHSC    Non-Academic
Cell Sorting with assistance $90.00/ hour $123.89/ hour
Cancellation Charges (less than 24-hour notice) $35.00  


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  • Cells should be at a concentration of 5x106 to 10x106/ml in a 12x75mm Falcon polypropylene tube
  • Unstained, Isotype and single color controls
  • Lab coat

SAFE OPERATING PRACTICES (read before using equipment)