Update and Preparation of Research Programs at HSC for COVID-19

Last Updated March 29, 2020

First and foremost, the Health Sciences Center remains open, and the health and safety of our researchers and research participants at OUHSC is our number one priority. To comply with Governor Stitt’s March 24 COVID-19 Safer-at-Home order to discontinue nonessential business functions, effectively immediately, all OUHSC researchers should begin an orderly shutdown of all nonessential research. Until further notice, all HSC research and creative activity requiring individuals to work on campus will be suspended EXCEPT for essential research activities. Although we are unable to anticipate the exact duration of this suspension of nonessential research activities, we will be evaluating and updating the situation on an ongoing basis and will provide updates as appropriate.  Any questions related to this communication should go to VPR@ouhsc.edu.

Guidance on nonhuman subjects research can be found below at #1, 2, 3, 4

Guidance on human subjects research can be found below at #5

Guidance on graduate student research can be found below at #6

1.  Preparing Your Research Program to respond to COVID-19

2.  Research Disaster Plan for Research Laboratories

Principal Investigators must have a written Research Disaster Plan for their research laboratories in the case of a disaster that limits access to campus or impacts campus resources  The Research Disaster Plan contains guidelines on what each Principal Investigator must include within their own laboratory Research Disaster Plan.

3.  Information for Researchers with Animal Protocols to Follow in Event of Disaster

  • The Division of Comparative Medicine has a website with information for researchers with animal protocols on how to manage animal activities during a disaster; see: https://acup.ouhsc.edu/emergency-contacts.html
  • The Division of Comparative Medicine March 13, 2020, Newsletter has information for researchers on how to manage research animals in the event the University needs to limit campus access due to a COVI-19 outbreak in Oklahoma; see AnimalSource March 2020.

4.  COVID-19 and OUHSC Research

  • Click here for FAQs

5.  COVID-19 and Human Subjects Research

  • Click here for the latest updates

6.  Guidance for Graduate Students

  • Click here for the Graduate College Policies related to COVID-19
  • Click here for telecommuting ideas for graduate students.

7.  Federal Agency(ies) Responses to COVID-19

At this time, all communications indicate that sponsoring agencies are aware of the issues related to research and COVID-19 and are prepared to make special accommodations for proposals and expenditures.   For specific agency notices, please see below:

8.  Council on Governmental Relations – Institutional and Agency Responses to COVID-19 and Additional Resources