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2024 Web of Life Conference

Event date: 4/25/2024 - 4/26/2024 iCal Export

Major diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, obesity, aging, and neurodegeneration are often studied and treated in isolation. Yet, each of them may be related, causally or otherwise, to one another. Therefore, facilitating crosstalk among these is expected to foster multidisciplinary collaboration and drive innovative and effective solutions.

The two-day Web of Life Conference will be hosted for the first time by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in April 2024. To realize the full potential of team science, we are bringing stalwarts from disparate yet connected fields such as cancer, diabetes, ageing bioengineering, and neurodegeneration to unite them under the common theme - “Web of Life: Connecting the Dots.” This collaboration will significantly impact and improve the way we engage communities, treat patients, foster collaboration, and facilitate groundbreaking discoveries.


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