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Office of the OUHSC Vice President for Research


FY21 Sponsored Awards


Million in Sponsored Award funding in FY21


Million dollars in Expenditures in FY21

OU College of Medicine Researcher Earns $1.7 Million Grant to Study Origins of Age-Related Cognitive Impairment

To explore a promising premise in aging research — that changes to the brain’s tiniest blood vessels may play an outsized role in cognitive decline — an OU College of Medicine researcher recently...

OU Health Harold Hamm Diabetes Center Study Shows Improved Diet Positively Effects Microbiome in Pregnant Women With Gestational Diabetes and Their Newborns

A recently published study involving pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus demonstrates the importance of the mother’s diet in changing the microbiome and decreasing the risk of...

HPRC Researcher Study Evaluates Tobacco Cessation During Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Dr. Lurdes Queimado, a researcher at the TSET Health Promotion Research Center and director of the Center’s Tobacco Regulatory Science Laboratory, recently published a breakthrough study on...

TSET Health Promotion Research Center and Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline Partner to Address High Rates of Tobacco Use in Oklahoma

Dr. Darla Kendzor, Co-Director of the TSET Health Promotion Research Center (HPRC), and Dr. Jon Hart, Director of the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline (OTH), are leading a study to address exceptionally...

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