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The Stratedigm S1400Exi flow cytometer platform is a complete cellular analysis system consisting of a flow cytometer with 4 lasers and 16 colors, the CellCapTure acquisition and analysis software,  A600 plate loader, and workstation. 

The high-throughput temperature controlled A600 plate loader system allows sampling from 96- and 384- well plates, eppendorf, bullet, and 12x75mm tubes. The plate loader is temperature controlled (8 - 40 degrees C) and can be used to add reagents and/or set incubation times for kinetic studies. With the 6-probe sampler, configurations can be defined  using variable mixing cycles and mixing volumes, which is essential for experimental design and faster throughput. The sample volumes for adding reagents or injecting samples can range from 2ul - 500ul. Data for a 96-well plate can be collected under 25 minutes.Objective: 40x 0.7 NA

Rates OUHSC External Industry
Services without operator assistance (must be trained) $40/ hour $140/ hour $180/ hour
Services without operator assistance  $60/ hour $270/ hour $360/ hour
Cancellation Charges (less than 24-hour notice) $35.00    


For online scheduling navigate to iLabs for the core login page:

Minimum appointment time is 15 minutes and anything longer than 4 hours needs approval.

Any problems with iLab calendar read the help manuals below:


  • Cells should be at a concentration of 5x105 - 5x106/ml 
  • Samples in 96-well plates, 12x75ml tubes, eppendorf tubes, or 1.2ml cluster tubes 
  • Unstained, Isotype and single color controls
  • Lab coat 

SAFE OPERATING PRACTICES (read before using equipment)

SOP for Stratedigm