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Epic for Research


OU Health now uses Epic systems as their electronic health records (EHR) on campus. For information on how OU Health protects patients and families' privacy, please review the Notice of Privacy Practices.

Since Epic's implementation, there have been significant improvements in patient tracking for research and easier assessment of research feasibility using Epic's Slicer Dicer functionality. The Clinical Research Informatics team are actively working with OU Health and the Epic management team on multiple interfaces to support research. Currently, Epic sends patient  demographic information to OnCore. This provides continuity of patient demographic information between the two systems. OnCore sends research study records and patient enrollment information to Epic, this improves patient care by identifying research participation especially during hospital admissions or emergency services. The sharing of data between the two systems improves research processes by identifying research subjects and tracking their progress in Epic and OnCore.

We are working on expanding interfaces to allow for more seamless integration of research information between the many research data collection systems.

New OUHSC Researchers needing access should follow instructions in the documents below.