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Digital Gene Expression: NanoString MAX

The Genomics Core houses a NanoString nCounter MAX profiler made up of a fully automated MAX Prep Station and MAX Digital Analyzer.  The nCounter uses a molecular barcode technology that allows researchers to digitally examine multiple pathways in a single tube targeting up to 800 genes for DNA, RNA, miRNA, and Protein.


  • Gene Expression Panels:  Immunology Panel, Inflammation Panel, PanCancer IO 360 Panel, Neuropathology, and more
  • miRNA Expression Panels
  • DNA Panels for SNV and CNV analysis
  • Protein Assays

Sample Submission Instructions

Sample Submission Instructions

Most panels require 25-300ng of Total RNA (possibly more for FFPE samples).  Please contact us for a consultation before purchasing reagents or requesting the service through iLab.  We want to make sure we can adequately meet your research needs.

Please contact:  Jenny Gipson

Email: or

Phone: (405) 271-2337

On-line Submission Instructions

Service requests should be made through the OUHSC Core iLab Solutions portal:  Once logged in, navigate to the “Request Services” tab and select the service for your project. (Download image found at the bottom of this page?)

If you do not have an iLab account, please visit the log-in page listed above and click on the “Register” button in the upper right corner.  For internal users, register using your OUHSC username and Password


Costs vary across panel types.  We are happy to get you a quote for the reagents and can facilitate ordering them to be shipped to our lab.  The Core charges an additional fee to run the samples on the machine (12 samples per run).

NanoString nCounter MAX Internal External Industry
NanoString Run $230.00 $682.67 $819.21


Analysis Software

NanoString’s nSolver Analysis software is free to all users and can easily be downloaded to a PC or Max.  Please go the following link for the software download as well as tutorials:

Data Storage

RCC and RLF files will be uploaded to the request in iLab.