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BioPlex 200

The BioPlex 200 is a multi-array high throughput bead analyzer.

  • Powered by xMAP Technology
  • Up to 100-plex per microtiter well
  • Versatile – Genetic and protein analysis including applications for:
    • Protein Expression
    • Cell Signaling
    • Genotyping
    • Autoimmune
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • Cancer
    • Cardiac
    • Metabolic Markers
    • HLA testing
  • Fast – Multiplex 96 samples in less than one hour
  • Broad menu – hundreds of unique analytes from 25+ partners with commerciallyavailable kits
  • Flexibility to use xMAP-based kits or develop your assays
Rates OUHSC External Industry
Services with operator assistance $65/ hour $94.25/ hour $130/ hour
Cancellation Charges (less than 24-hour notice) $35.00    


For online scheduling navigate to iLabs for the core login page:

Minimum appointment time is 15 minutes and anything longer than 4 hours needs approval.

Any problems with iLab calendar read the help manuals below:

SAFE OPERATING PRACTICES (read before using equipment)

SOP for BioPlex200