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Post-Submission Requests

General Sponsor Requests

Occasionally, sponsors will request revisions or addendums to be submitted with proposals when reviewing them for possible funding. This can come in the form of more budgetary detail or regulatory compliance information (i.e. Research Subject Protocols).  All formal communications with sponsors must be submitted through ORA for the proposal.

Types of Post Submission Materials

  • Current & Pending or Other Support
  • Research Subjects approvals
  • Certification of Human Subjects Education
  • Revised Budget and Budget Justification
  • Biographical Sketch Information
  • University Signing Official approval

Pre-Award Spending

If an award notice and budget information has been received and all required institutional approvals are in place, your award will be set up. 

If your award requires contract negotiation or institutional approvals, you do have the option to request an Advance Account so that you may begin spending prior to completion of the contract. This request is processed through SoonerTrack and is essentially a departmental Financial Guarantee. The administering department is responsible for all expenses if project funding is not secured.

Pre-Award Spending may require sponsor prior approval; please speak with your department's SPA. The usual period for Pre-Award Spending is 90 days before the funding date. Additional time may be requested in select circumstances such as prolonged agreement negotiations.