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SoonerTrack II

IMPORTANT SOONERTRACK UPDATE: Off-Campus Access to SoonerTrack II 
The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is excited to announce that SoonerTrack II is now accessible off-campus through Self-Service at: As a result, you will not need to use the GlobalProtect VPN (Virtual Private Network) or MyDesk VDI service (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) when off-campus to access the SoonerTrack II system. However, PingID dual authentication is still required. Please note that mobile devices such as cell phones are not fully compatible at this time. If you have any questions, please contact

NOTEIf off campus/off campus network and using the email link option, you must first log on to then use the link provided.  If on campus/on campus network and using the email link option, the link should take you directly to the form. Thank you for your patience as I.T. works to get an internal firewall issue resolved.


Important Reminder for Principal Investigators and Their Support Teams

Please ensure that all key personnel on your project complete their Compliance Forms in SoonerTrack as soon as you submit your Request Form in the system. Your Request Form is not considered received by ORA if Compliance Forms are not approved by all key personnel. This can cause a delay in submitting your proposal to the funding agency and potentially a risk of missing the submission deadline.

Principal Investigators (and their support teams) retain primary responsibility for ensuring that all these approvals are complete before the deadline. So, please check the status of your Key personnel’s Compliance Forms after submitting your proposal in SoonerTrack to ensure a smooth submission process.


SoonerTrack II system is now fully operational! All proposals must be routed through the new system for review, institutional approval, and submission to the sponsor.  

Benefits of the new system include:

  • Improved user experience with streamlining processes and more transparency.
  • Improved workflow and smart forms.
  • End-user reporting capability.
  • Reduced errors with direct connection to PeopleSoft Financials.

Please note that the Principal Investigators (PIs) and Personnel who have never logged into previously will need to log in once to show up for their Departments/ORGs in the Request Forms. If they have not logged in, department support will not be able to route Request Forms for them.




The following user guides have been developed to assist with use of the SoonerTrack II system. This section is intended as a living document and will be updated on a regular basis to ensure as much material is available as possible.

Introduction to SoonerTrack II Training

Quick Start Guide for Principal Investigators, Unit/Departmental Staff

User Guides for Principal Investigators

User Guides for Unit/Departmental Staff

User Guide for Departmental Leads

Department Setup Table

One-Off Form Access

Reports and Queries 

User Guides for Dean’s Office Approvers

User Guide for Ancillary Reviewers

User Guides for Sponsored Programs Administrators

SoonerTrack II Flow Chart


  1. How can I access SoonerTrack II? You may log in to SoonerTrack II at:
  2. Is Sooner Track II linked to PeopleSoft Financials? Yes, it is part of the PeopleSoft Financials system.
  3. Do I need Virtual Desktop or GlobalProtect VPN to use SoonerTrack II remotely? No. SoonerTrack II is now accessible off-campus through Self-Service at: As a result, you will not need to use the GlobalProtect VPN (Virtual Private Network) or MyDesk VDI service (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) when off-campus to access the SoonerTrack II system.
  4. How much post-award information is available in SoonerTrack II? Principal Investigators (PIs)/Department Staff don’t have access to award details. Only ORA has access. 
  5. How do I determine the Financially Responsible Department? ORA does not determine the Financially Responsible Department that is chosen for the project. That is a departmental decision. Your departmental lead or Business Manager should be able to direct you in this; however, here is some general guidance: If it is a sponsored project, whoever/the department that would be managing the account and project if it is awarded. If it is an agreement, it would be whoever is responsible for oversight of the project.
  6. Will the previous agreements entered in SoonerTrack I be accessible in the new system? If the agreements are in an active or a pending status, they will be in the new system.
  7. Am I able to view the tickets/Request Forms for everyone in my group? Y ou will be able to see any Request Form for your ORG/Department if your Departmental Lead/Business Manager adds you as a User to the Department Setup Table in SoonerTrack II.
  8. Will the participating departments be able to see the routings that their PIs have participation on? Not unless that ORG Departmental Lead/Business Manager adds the Person to their Department Setup Table in SoonerTrack II.
  9. I need view or edit access to the Request Forms for my department. Whom should I contact? Please contact your Business Manager or contact us at
  10. I have some questions about routing in SoonerTrack II. Whom should I contact? For proposal-specific questions (what/when to route) please contact your Sponsored Programs Administrator (SPA) or his/her supervisor or email Please send any system-specific questions to SoonerTrack Help Desk at Find your SPA: 
  11. Are the PIs able to initiate the Request Form themselves or will they be dependent upon the Departmental Staff initiating the form? The PIs can initiate the Request Form.
  12. I want to request a No Cost Extension (NCE) for my grant. Do you I need to create a new Request Form?  No. It will be via Request Review
  13. How will we be able to link agreements? Either by "creating linked request" or by using the "related requests" grid on the request form.
  14. Why am I receiving request form notifications that I’m not involved in approving? You are receiving that email because you are listed on the department setup table for a particular ORG and you have Dept. Notification checked to Yes. If you should be on the table but only want to receive notifications regarding your role in the workflow, Dept. Notifications can be turned to No.
  15. For multi-PI grants, such as the PHF team grant, would it be possible for the Request Form to appear in more than one PI’s list? Request forms will only show up in their list if they are the routing/contact PI, same as in old SoonerTrack.
  16. How can I see the proposals that I have created? You can see you proposals by using Manage Request Dashboard.
  17. Will I get reminder emails for signatures/approvals for PIs, etc.? No. You will get the initial email.
  18. When discussion is logged, are participants notified via email? Yes. The assigned SPA, the initiator of the Request Form, and any Notified User(s) added by SPA will get the real time notifications when a comment is posted in General Discussions.
  19. How are ICAs being handled in the new SoonerTrack II system? We are working on a process to convert all ICAs and SUB outs to the new ST II system.  It will create a record for everything that is Active or expired after 1/1/2022. New SUB outs and ICAs can be entered and processed in the new SoonerTrack II system.
  20. When is a Request Review required? When there is an actionable item that ORA needs to review/approve/submit, the department or PI should submit a Request Review with information about the request and any applicable documents. Request Reviews are typically used once a project has been awarded. If pre-award spending is needed, Advance Account requests are a separate option under Additional Forms. 

Access Request Forms



Who do I contact if I have questions or comments regarding SoonerTrack II?

We encourage your feedback!  Please send questions or comments to the Help Desk at