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Services Provided

Confidential Consultations.

Do you have a question about whether or not something might be possible research or scholarly misconduct? Are you in a research-related situation and unsure what to do? The OUHSC Research Integrity Officer (RIO) is available to assist all HSC employees with research-related ethical or integrity questions, concerns, or requests for more information. Discussions can remain hypothetical and/or confidential to the extent possible; seeking advice or discussion does not necessarily initiate the scholarly misconduct process. Please contact the RIO, Dr. Staudt, directly: or 405-271-7755

Invited Presentations on Research Integrity or Research Ethics.

The RIO can come talk with your research group, department or college about research integrity topics upon request. Please contact the RIO, Dr. Staudt, directly: or 405-271-7755

Laboratory Notebook Digitization.

The Research Integrity Office is excited to offer HSC researchers training and access to a contactless overhead scanner in order to create digital scans of research materials. This will allow researchers to create digital copies of lab notebooks (i.e. one PDF file per notebook). The ScanSnap SV600 scans individual documents and bound research notebooks quickly and to the full margin without forcing the binding to bend destructively as can occur when scanning on a flat-top Xerox scanner. The scanning area on the ScanSnap SV600 will accommodate materials that are 113/4 x 91/4 or smaller, including fully-bound books and notebooks, binders, and more. Digital scans can be saved to CD, DVD, or transferred via OUHSC Secure File Transfer service.

OUHSC Researchers must book the initial training (estimated 20 minutes or less) and subsequent use of the scanner by appointment: