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OVPR staff is excited about the breakthroughs in research and scholarly accomplishments on our campus. If you have been awarded a grant, submitted a paper for publication or been notified that your research is being published in a scholarly journal, please contact us at so we can share the news with the rest of the OUHSC research community.

"The ORA submission process: A review for new investigators"
New PI Training 04-20-16 Final

Other helpful information

On this page, you will also find useful Institutional Data that you may be asked to provide when submitting a proposal.   Please let us know if there is additional information or links you would like to see on our site. Simply complete our Suggestion Form.

ORA News/Deadline -April 3, 2017

NEW! Save the Date - ORA Noon Conference   

Beyond the Basics: Writing for NIH Grants

Location: Bird Library Auditorium, LIB-299

Date: Wednesday, April 26

Time: 12-1pm

This talk goes beyond the basics of grant writing to discuss considerations for the research

plan, the NIH-recommended format, addresses and explains core-review criteria, and

discusses scoring conventions, rigor, and reproducibility.



NEW! Brain Tumor Summit

Stephenson Cancer Center
Saturday, May 6

Brain tumors are a particularly devastating form of cancer that can rob people of both their

ability to function and their lives. To fight this deadly malignancy, the Comprehensive Brain

Tumor Program at the Stephenson Cancer Center, led by James Battiste, MD, PhD, and

Michael Sughrue, MD, is hosting the first Brain Tumor Summit to engage and involve

stakeholders in all aspects of brain tumor research, care, survivorship, and advocacy. 

At the summit, we'll hear presentations on the latest research, therapies, and survivorship

models, listen to patient stories, and work as a group to create an action plan for change.

Register at

Submit an Abstract and/or Project Proposal:

Deadline is April 7.

Questions? Contact Stevie Warner at 405-271-2537 or



OUHSC ORA Editing ServicesKathy Kyler is the staff editor for the OUHSC campus.

She has an extensive background in compliance including protocol development and IRB

submissions. Her assistance is available on request without charge through the office of the

Vice President for Research. You can contact her by e-mail at or

by calling 271-2090. She can assist in preparation of:

  • Grant proposals (individual research grants, training grants, fellowship applications and others)
  • Peer-reviewed manuscripts
  • Review articles
  • Journal supplements
  • Abstracts
  • Poster presentations
  • Slide kits
  • Case reports
  • Gap analyses
  • Book chapters



Upcoming Grant Deadlines:  The Office of Research Administration (ORA) would like

to ask for your patience for the next 6-8 weeks.  The grants team is short two (2) people and

there are several major grant deadlines coming up.  Our responses to emails and phone calls

may be delayed during this time period, but we will get back with you as soon as we can. 

We thank you for your patience.



NIH Proteomics Facility or Student Workshop on Discovery Phase Proteomics

NIH is offering two Discovery Phase Proteomics Workshops for either faculty members or

graduate students/postdocs in IDeA states. The faculty member workshop will be held on

May 24-26, 2017, in Little Rock.  The student workshop will be held on May 17-19th, in Little

Rock. Lodging and travel will be covered. The information for how to apply can be accessed

through the website link embedded in the attached two fliers. This will be a tremendous

opportunity for faculty members and graduate students/postdocs performing and/or interested

in proteomics research to receive training.

Funding for the workshop is provided through supplements to the Arkansas and Oklahoma

INBREs. Deadline to apply is April 15.  More information can be found at and



Aetna's 2017 Cultivating Healthy Communities Grant Program seeks approaches

to increase the opportunities to make healthy choices in these places, empowering whole

communities to lead healthier lives. 
The past focus on physical activity, urban farms, and local food remains. But the program

as a whole aims to have broader impact and reach more spaces in the community. The

2017 call for proposals invites projects that address issues in the following domains:

Built Environment, Community Safety, Environmental Exposures, Healthy Behaviors,

and Social/Economic Factors.  
Awards appear to be around $50,000. See the list of 2016 funded projects here 
This will be the only RFP for 2017.   Due: April 14, 2017 at 3 PM ET.



College of Medicine Alumni Association (COMAA) Funding Opportunity

Deadline April 14, 2017

Proposals are being accepted from faculty of the College of Medicine for grants to be

awarded from the College of Medicine Alumni Association with proceeds generated

from the Evening of Excellence dinner fund.  COMAA awards are intended to be an

important resource for funding basic and clinical research projects of new and early

stage investigators in the College of Medicine. The guidelines are attached to this notice.




Changes to RFA-TR-17-003: Limited Competition for NIH-Industry Program: Discovering

Pediatric New Therapeutic Uses for Existing Molecules (UG3/UH3) (NOT-TR-17-013)


Changes to RFA-TR-17-002 "Limited Competition for NIH-Industry Program: Discovering

New Therapeutic Uses for Existing Molecules (UG3/UH3)" (NOT-TR-17-014)


Notice of Change to Page Limitation for research Strategy Section for RFA-FD-17-003

Cooperative Agreement to Support the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition,

JIFSAN (U19) (NOT-FD-17-006)


Notice of Correction to Funds Available for PAR-16-115 "Optimization of Monoclonal

Antibodies for Eliminating the HIV Reservoir (R01)" (NOT-AI-17-020)

Notice of Correction of Key Dates for PAR-17-173 "Mind and Body Intervention Multi-Site

Clinical Trial Data Coordinating Center (Collaborative U24)" (NOT-AT-17-005)


Notice of Expiration for RFA-HG-16-016 "BD2K Open Educational Resources for Skills

Development in Biomedical Big Data Science (R25)" (NOT-RM-17-008)


Notice of Expiration for RFA-ES-16-010 "Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Community-

Based Data and Metadata Standards Efforts (R24)" (NOT-RM-17-009)


Notice of Expiration for RFA-ES-16-011 "BD2K Research Education Curriculum

Development: Data Science Overview for Biomedical Scientists (R25)" (NOT-RM-17-010)


Notice of Expiration for RFA-CA-16-020 "BD2K Support for Meetings of Data Science

Related Organizations (U13)" (NOT-RM-17-011)


Notice to Extend PA-14-290 and PA-14-291 (NOT-HS-17-010)


Notice of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement for "NINDS StrokeNet

Regional Coordinating Stroke Centers (U24)" for 2017 (NOT-NS-17-019)


Notice of NHGRI's Participation in NOT-OD-04-047 "High Priority, Short-Term Project

Award (R56)" (NOT-HG-17-004)


Notice of PA-16-282 and PA-16-283 Cancellation (NOT-HS-17-009)


Notice of Participation in PA-17-135 "Public Policy Effects on Alcohol-, Marijuana-, and

Other Substance-Related Behaviors and Outcomes (R01)" (NOT-DA-17-010)


Notice of Participation in PA-17-132 "Public Policy Effects on Alcohol-, Marijuana-, and

Other Substance-Related Behaviors and Outcomes (R21)" (NOT-DA-17-011)


Notice of Participation in PA-17-134 "Public Policy Effects on Alcohol-, Marijuana-, and

Other Substance-Related Behaviors and Outcomes (R03)" (NOT-DA-17-012)


Reporting Preprints and Other Interim Research Products (NOT-OD-17-050)



Please Note:  When only one application is allowed per Institution according to the sponsor

instructions, a one-page letter of intent summarizing the proposed project should be submitted

to the Vice President for Research at least one month prior to the application deadline (unless

otherwise noted).  The letters of intent will be reviewed and a single application will be chosen  

for submission from the University.




Advancing the Science of Geriatric Palliative Care (R01) (PA-17-225) – Deadline


Advancing the Science of Geriatric Palliative Care (R21) (PA-17-226) - Deadline


Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems V (CAHPS V) (U18)

(RFA-HS-17-010) – Deadline May 26, 2017


Hearing Health Care for Adults: Improving Access and Affordability (R21) (PA-17-227)

Deadline June 16, 2017


Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Research (R21) (PAR-17-229) – Deadline June 27, 2017


Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Research (R03) (PAR-17-230) – Deadline June 27, 2017


Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Research (R01) (PAR-17-231) – Deadline June 27, 2017


Integration and Validation of Emerging Technologies to Accelerate Cancer Research

(R33) (RFA-CA-17-023) – Deadline May 10, 2017


Intensive Longitudinal Analysis of Health Behaviors: Leveraging New Technologies to

Understand Health Behaviors (U01) (RFA-OD-17-004) – Deadline June 5, 2017


Intensive Longitudinal Analysis of Health Behaviors: Leveraging New Technologies to

Understand Health Behaviors (U24) (RFA-OD-17-005) – Deadline May 25, 2017


NIDCR Dental Specialty and PhD Program (DSPP)(K12) (RFA-DE-18-003)

Deadline July 3, 2017


Resource-Related Research Projects in the Epidemiology and Prevention of Pediatric

Injury (R24) (PAR-17-228) – Deadline June 19, 2017


Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science for Research Relevant to the Family Smoking

Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (U54) (RFA-OD-17-006) – Deadline July 19, 2017





Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) – New Connections: Increasing Diversity of

RWJF Programming – Deadline May 16, 2017


The Edward N. and Della L. Thome Memorial Foundation Awards Program in Alzheimer’s

Disease Drug Discovery Research – Deadline June 2, 2017 12:00 Noon, EDT