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ORA Research News - Monday, July 01, 2019

IBEST-OUHSC Funding for Interdisciplinary Research – Request for Applications to support collaborative

research activities between OUHSC researchers and OU-Norman researchers in the area of biomedical engineering

Deadline August 1, 2019 – please see guidelines and face page attached. page_final.pdf?ver=2019-07-01-074315-193


Biosafety Level 3 Containment Laboratory (BSL-3) – Following an initial lab shutdown for replacement of the

flooring, multiple problems requiring intervention were discovered leading to a lengthy renovation. The renovation and

remediation of the laboratory is now finished, and as of July 1, 2019 the laboratory is back open for use by OUHSC

investigators. If you have a need to work in the BSL-3 containment laboratory or for additional information, please

contact the Facility Manager, Arto Baghdayan (; 271-3393 or ex.30071).



The Oklahoma Clinical and Translational Science Institute (OCTSI) and Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational

Resources (OSCTR) is soliciting applications for its Clinical and Translational Research Pilot (CTRP) Grants Program

and its Community Engaged Research Exploratory Awards.

Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources Clinical and Translational Research Pilot (CTRP) Grants

The purpose of the program is to provide funding for collaborative and/or multi-disciplinary clinical and translational

pilot projects between investigators of the OSCTR member institutions. The program seeks to support proposals designed

to generate preliminary data that will result in improved health and/or healthcare for citizens of Oklahoma and other IDeA

states and enhance the competitiveness of the investigators for future extramural funding. The program also seeks to

fund innovative concepts, approaches, and methodologies that bring fresh new ideas to solving the health issues of those

living in Oklahoma and collaborating IDeA states. Projects that focus on the medically underserved and on health concerns

prevalent within Oklahoma and our OSCTR partners will be a priority. Only projects which meet the NIH definition of clinical

and/or translational research will be accepted. Approved CTRP grants will be funded for a period starting January 1, 2020 contingent on NIH approval of just in time (JIT) information. All funds are required to be expended by December 31, 2020. The forms, instructions, and submission link can be found at:  Deadlines for submission:   Pilot Proposal – Friday, August 9, 2019 at 5:00 PM CDT

Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources Community-Engaged Research Exploratory (CERE) Awards

This program is intended to support community engagement to develop funded research partnerships. Funds can be used

for research development activities, including convening partners, working with individuals pursuing related work, and

conducting needs assessments in community settings. The funds cannot be used to support actual human-subjects research

protocols, which can be funded under other OSCTR pilot research programs and/or external funding.

The application should consist of a 2-page letter from the main applicant (which can be either a community agency or an

academic researcher) describing the collaboration, the contributions that the proposed work will make to a successful research

partnership, and a line item budget. Budget requests are expected to be $5,000-$10,000 with budgets that permit the

expenditure of the entire award by June 30, 2020. A separate letter of support from either the academic or community partner

indicating their agreement with the proposed activities should also be included. Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis

beginning July 1, 2019. Please submit proposals by email to


Interested applicants can discuss their proposal, eligibility, allowable budget items, and available funding by contacting the

OSCTR staff at or call 405-271-3480. CERE Instructions 2019.pdf?ver=2019-07-01-074315-177 Pilot instructions 2019.pdf?ver=2019-07-01-074315-210


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have asked that we share the notice (below) regarding the

publication of the 2018 Open Payments Program data which includes newly submitted and updated payment records

from previous program years. The data can be viewed on the Open Payments webpage (

along with facts about the 2018 data. As a reminder, the AAMC has additional resources located on our Open Payments

Webpage including a 2019 physician and teaching hospital educational resource developed by the Open Payments team

in consultation with the FOCI Steering Committee and AAMC staff. Also on our webpage is an opportunity to share your 

feedback on how these resources may be enhanced or provide general comments on the Open Payments system. Your

input will be shared anonymously with the Open Payments team. 

For questions or comments, please contact Daria Grayer ( or Heather Pierce (


OUHSC Announces an Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials Facilities & Administration Rate Increase

(effective immediately) – refer to attached letter from the Provost. Clinical Trials Facilities Administration Rate Increase.pdf?ver=2019-07-01-074324-630


Harold Hamm Diabetes Center (HHDC) - Please mark your calendar for the 16th Annual Harold Hamm Diabetes Center Research Symposium.  This event will be held on Friday, November 15, 2019 at the Samis Education Center at Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City. Deadline for abstracts will be announced later this summer.  Additional details will be posted on  Questions?  Please email




Notice of Intent to Publish Funding Opportunity Announcement to Develop State-level Capacity for Dissemination and

Implementation of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research into Primary Care (NOT-HS-19-019)


Notice of Data Sharing Policy for the National Institute of Mental Health (NOT-MH-19-033)


Notice of Pre-Application Webinars for the High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program's Pioneer (RFA-RM-19-005),

New Innovator (RFA-RM-19-006), Transformative Research (RFA-RM-19-007), and Early Independence (RFA-RM-19-008)

Awards (NOT-RM-19-011)


Request for Information (RFI) on the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS)

Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years (FY) 2020-2024 (NOT-AR-19-010)


Notice of Change to the Award Budget for PAR-18-801 "Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Technologies

for Low-Resource Settings (R43/R44 Clinical Trial Optional)" (NOT-CA-19-055)


Notice of Change to the Award Budget for PAR-18-802 "Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Technologies

for Low-Resource Settings (R41/R42 - Clinical Trial Optional)" (NOT-CA-19-056)


Notice of Correction to Application Types Allowed for PAR-19-259, " NIDA Research Center of Excellence Grant

Program (P50 Clinical Trial Optional)" (NOT-DA-19-055)


Notice of Correction to PAR-19-162, "Accelerating the Pace of Child Health Research Using Existing Data from the

Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study (R01-Clinical Trial Not Allowed)"


Notice of Change to Allowable Appendix Materials for RFA-MH-20-215, "Limited Competition: Continuation of the

Center for Genomic Studies on Mental Disorders (U24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)" (NOT-MH-19-034)


Notice of Clarification to the Award Budget for PAR-18-894, "Mental Health Research Dissertation Grant to Enhance

Workforce Diversity (R36 Independent Clinical Trial Not Allowed)" (NOT-MH-19-035)


Notice of Correction to Application and Submission Information for PAR-18-543 "CREATE Bio Development Track:

Nonclinical and Early-Phase Clinical Development for Biologics (U44 Clinical Trial Optional)"


Notice of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement for U.S. and Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMIC)

HIV Malignancy Research Networks (U54) (NOT-CA-19-054)


Notice of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement for the NIH Common Fund Acute to Chronic Pain

Signatures Program: Multisite Clinical Center Acute Pain from Musculoskeletal Trauma or Acute Peri-operative Pain

(UM1 Clinical Trial Optional) (NOT-RM-19-010)



Please Note:  When only one application is allowed per Institution according to the sponsor

instructions, a one-page letter of intent summarizing the proposed project should be submitted

to the Vice President for Research at least one month prior to the application deadline (unless

otherwise noted).  The letters of intent will be reviewed and a single application will be chosen  

for submission from the University.




National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Bridges to the Baccalaureate (T34) (PAR-19-299)
Deadline September 25, 2019


National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Bridges to the Doctorate (T32) (PAR-19-300)
Deadline September 25, 2019


Service Centers for Cryoelectron Tomography (U24 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (RFA-RM-19-009)
Deadline November 12, 2019


Service Network Hub for Cryoelectron Tomography (U24 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (RFA-RM-19-010)
Deadline November 12 , 2019