All ORA Forms


Effective for June 1, 2007 deadlines, all proposals in final form (including all necessary attachments), for both hard copy and electronic submissions, must be submitted to the ORA three (3) full University business days PRIOR to the funding agency’s submission deadline.
For the full Proposal Submission Requirements, click here.
Form Location/Type
All Sponsored Activities/ Research/Training/Public Service Routing Form  
ORA Proposal Submission  
ORA Institutional Information Quick Reference PDF  
Detailed Budget Spreadsheet – SF424 Format Excel  
Effort Percent Person Months Conversion Tables PDF  
NIH Modular Budget Spreadsheet Excel  
Individual Fellowship Grant – Sponsored Activities Routing Form  
Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) Routing Form  
Intellectual Property  PDF  
Subcontract Routing Form  
Subrecipient vs. Vendor Guidelines PDF  
Rebudget Form (to GCA) IPAS  
ECAV Routing Form  
Human Subjects Training Certification Letter  
Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form
Expanded Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form  
Internal Consultant PDF  
VAMC/OUHSC Memorandum of Understanding EXCEL  
NIH PHS398 Checklist – Prefilled DOC PDF
NIH PHS398 Facepage – Prefilled DOC PDF
NIH PHS2590 Face Page – Prefilled DOC PDF
NIH PHS2590 Checklist Page – Prefilled DOC PDF