Fringe Benefits Rates

During the budget development stage, accurate Institutional Base Salary (IBS) will be needed for all personnel identified to work on the project. Fringe Benefits should also be included in the budget.  See the table below for the appropriate rates.

Sponsored Fringe Benefits Rates 7/1/14–6/30/15 7/1/15-6/30/16 7/1/16-6/30/17 7/1/17-6/1/18 7/1/18-6/1/19
Full-Time Faculty and Staff SPONSORED 35.7% 38.5% 37.98%  34.5% 35.1%
Full-Time Faculty and Staff NON-SPONSORED 31.00% 34.1% 33.58%  30.5% 31.3%
Part-Time Faculty and Staff 8.13% 7.5% 7.17%  8.1% 7.9%
Postdoctoral Fellows and Residents 18.27% 19.1% 20.00%  19.9% 19.3%
Students 1.12% 0.12% 2.40%  4.3% 2.9%
Fringe Rate FY19 OUHSC Rate Agreement    
Fringe Rate FY18 OUHSC Rate Agreement    
Fringe Rate FY17 OUHSC Rate Agreement    
Fringe Rate FY16 OUHSC Rate Agreement    
Fringe Rate FY15 OUHSC Rate Agreement    

Full time salaried & hourly faculty/staff (50% FTE or more)
Part time salaried & hourly faculty/staff (less than 50% FTE; includes temps and students assistants that are subject to FICA/Medicare taxes)

Residents and fellows (includes residents and post doctoral research fellows)

Students (includes trainees, graduate research assistants, graduate teaching assistants and pre-doctoral fellows) 

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