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The Office of Technology Commercialization Lunch and Learn

Event date: 11/30/2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM iCal Export

Federal Reporting/NDAs & MTAs

Why you Do Need an MTA, NDA, or DUA and IP Reporting Requirements?

I am asked many times: Why do we need an MTA or an NDA or a DUA?

The short answer is: To support AND protect your Research.

The next question is: Why does it matter if IP results or not?

The short answer is: Reported IP continues to support Additional Research.


  • Why you do need an MTA or an NDA or a DUA.
  • All these agreements support AND protect your Research.
  • Federal funding is great support for your Research and IP continues to support future Research.
  • Inventions and Patents which result from Federally funded Research have reporting requirements.

How can we make sure to address those regulatory requirements and keep Research on all OU campuses active?

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