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Base Salary Calculations for Dual Health Sciences Center (HSC) and OU Health (OUH) Clinical Faculty

Effective July 1, 2023, all dual HSC/OUH Clinical Faculty who submit a proposal to an external sponsor should adjust their salary to the equivalent of 1.0 FTE in their proposal budget.

  • ExampleProfessor X has dual HSC/OUH appointment. If his/her (academic) FTE appointment at HSC is 0.2 FTE and base salary in PeopleSoft is $40,000, Professor X (in coordination with their department support) should adjust his/her FTE and base salary to 1.0 and $200,000 respectively when preparing a budget. If these adjustments exceed a sponsor’s salary cap, the salary cap should be used.

Adjusting to 1.0 FTE equivalent allows flexibility for any necessary adjustments that need to be made regarding academic and clinical FTE splits at time of award, while still being compliant with HSC Institutional Base Salary policy.

As HSC/OUH Clinical Faculty receive additional awards, they will need to work with their departments to adjust their HSC (academic) FTE accordingly to align with their research commitment needs, while still appropriately reflecting their committed effort for each award.

  • Example: Faculty with an academic appointment of 0.2FTE would have a maximum of 2.4 calendar months (CM) available for HSC commitments. If they need more than 2.4 CM for their combined academic commitments, then academic FTE would need to be increased and clinical FTE decreased as necessary to address potential overcommitment of research commitment.

Please see the spreadsheet below for some examples of how to calculate base salary for an HSC/OUH dual faculty highlighted in yellow.

If you have other special circumstances, such as a Veterans Affairs (VA) appointment, please contact your Sponsored Programs Administrator (SPA) for guidance. 

FAQs will be provided as we gather feedback.