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OVPR staff is excited about the breakthroughs in research and scholarly accomplishments on our campus. If you have been awarded a grant, submitted a paper for publication or been notified that your research is being published in a scholarly journal, please contact us at so we can share the news with the rest of the OUHSC research community.

"The ORA submission process: A review for new investigators"
New PI Training 04-20-16 Final

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On this page, you will also find useful Institutional Data that you may be asked to provide when submitting a proposal.   Please let us know if there is additional information or links you would like to see on our site. Simply complete our Suggestion Form.

ORA News/Deadlines - July 10, 2017

NIH NEWS! Introducing DAVE: Online Analysis Tools for the Genomic Data Commons

NCI has released an online, open-access cancer research resource for the Genomic Data

Commons called the Data Analysis, Visualization, and Exploration Tools, or DAVE.



UPDATE!  Exciting SoonerTrack news

ORA has processed an update to SoonerTrack and you will see some significant

changes/enhancements in the system.

Some upgrades that you will notice:

  • Additional help bubbles
  • Users on the Read and Edit list should have the ability to create amendments
  • Additional language on several document types
  • Reminders and notifications will start going out on the Grants module
  • A new activity has been added which will allow PI’s to update their COI Assurance
  • You will now have the ability to filter what you see on the History Tab
  • The attachments tab in the Grants Module will have a separate section for COI attachments

Those are the most notable changes that you will experience. If you have any questions or would

like to receive additional training, please contact the SoonerTrack Helpdesk at



PLEASE NOTE: Upcoming Grant Deadlines:  The Office of Research Administration (ORA)

would like to ask for your patience for the next 6-8 weeks.  The grants team is short three (3)

people and there are several major grant deadlines coming up.  Our responses to emails and

phone calls may be delayed during this time period, but we will get back with you as soon as

we can.  We thank you for your patience.




Revision: Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Awards (NRSA) Predoctoral Stipends,

Training Related Expenses, Institutional Allowance, and Tuition/Fees Effective for Fiscal Year 2017



NIH Fiscal Policy for Grant Awards - FY 2017 (NOT-OD-17-086)


Development, Integration, and Data Mining of Biomolecular and Cellular Networks for Discovering

Druggable Targets for Alcohol Use Disorder and Alcohol-Induced Organ Damage (NOT-AA-17-007)


Notice of Change to Key Dates in PA-17-291 "HIV Drug Resistance: Genotype-Phenotype-Outcome

Correlations (R01)" (NOT-AI-17-031)


Notice of NEI Participation in NOT-AA-17-005 "Request for Information (RFI): National Institute on

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) Initiative for Collecting, Archiving, and Sharing Individual-

Level Human Subjects Data (NOT-EY-17-007)


Notice of Intent to Participate in the Joint DMS/NIGMS Initiative to Support Research at the Interface

of the Biological and Mathematical Sciences (NOT-GM-17-010)


Notice of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement for Data Analysis and Coordinating

Center, Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study/Women’s Interagency HIV Study Combined Cohort (U24)



Notice of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement for Field Centers, Multicenter AIDS

Cohort Study/Women’s Interagency HIV Study Combined Cohort (U01) (NOT-HL-17-523)


Notice of Clarity for Other Attachments in PAR-17-081, "NIMH Research Education Programs for

Psychiatry Residents (R25)" (NOT-MH-17-035)



Please Note:  When only one application is allowed per Institution according to the sponsor

instructions, a one-page letter of intent summarizing the proposed project should be submitted

to the Vice President for Research at least one month prior to the application deadline (unless

otherwise noted).  The letters of intent will be reviewed and a single application will be chosen  

for submission from the University.




Mobile Monitoring of Cognitive Change (U2C) (RFA-AG-18-012) – Deadline November 2, 2017


Senator Paul D. Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Specialized Research Centers (MRSRCs) (P50)

(RFA-AR-18-001) – Deadline October 19, 2017


Limited Competition: Research Resource for Systematic Reviews of Complementary and Integrative

Health (R24) (RFA-AT-17-003) – Deadline August 21, 2017


Expanding Genome Integrity Assays to Population Studies (U01) (RFA-ES-17-006)

Deadline October 13, 2017


Academic Development of a Training Program for Good Laboratory Practices in High Containment

Environments (U24) (RFA-FD-17-013) – Deadline August 29, 2017


Global Pediatric Clinical Trials Network (U18) (RFA-FD-17-014) – Deadline August 22, 2017


Centers of Excellence in Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) Research (CEER) (RM1)

(RFA-HG-17-006) – Deadline October 31, 2017


Clinical Research Sites for the Network of Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials (NeuroNEXT sites)

(U24) (RFA-NS-17-024) – Deadline September 1, 2017





Department of Defense (DOD) – Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorders Research Program

Required Pre-application due September 13, 2017 and Application due September 27, 2017