Biosketch and Other Support Update

New NIH Biographical Sketches and Other Support Format Pages


On March 12, NIH released announcement NOT-OD-21-073 concerning upcoming changes to the Biographical Sketch and Other Support Format page. It is critical for all NIH applicants and awardees, including PIs, senior/key personnel, and grants administrators, to read it in its entirety. NIH is also planning to release additional resources and training materials in the coming weeks.

The updated Biographical Sketch and Other Support format pages will be required for applications and Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs) submitted for due dates on or after May 25, 2021.  In the meantime, we recommend that you bookmark these pages and begin to update your biosketch and other support:

Please note: NIH is requiring PIs and senior/key personnel to electronically certify that their Other Support information is true, complete and accurate to the best of their knowledge.

March 30, 2021: New NIH Biosketch Format:  click here to view the webinar and here to download the slides. 

May 11, 2021: Other Support Format: click here to view the webinar and here to download the slides.

August 24, 2021: Other Support Format and Updates: click here to view the webinar and here to download the slides. 

September 27, 2021: The following FAQs related to the NIH Other Support format pages were collected from researchers and administrators at OUHSC. They are meant to supplement NIH's FAQs. Please refer to NIH’s websites for additional information and guidance on this topic.

  • NIH Other Support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): click here