High Throughput PCR

General Information

96-well PCR (25ul reactions) using the same primer pair for each sample.  Cost includes use of any of the facility provided universal primers listed on the sequencing section of our webpage.  If custom primers are used then they must be provided at 3.2pmol/ul with enough for 1ul per sample.  DNA template must be provided in 96- or 384- well format at a concentration of 50-100ng/ul.


Pricing (Current OUHSC Pricing)

Service Internal Pricing External Pricing (Academic Non-OUHSC) Industry Pricing
Large Scale PCR Reactions (minimum 48 rxns) $4.00/reaction $20.00/reaction $21.00/reaction
SAP/ExoI Treatment (minimum 48 rxns) $6.50/reaction $32.00/reaction $34.00/reaction


On-line Submissions

Request services by logging onto the OUHSC Core site via our iLab Solutions portal:  https://ouhsc.corefacilities.org/account/login

If you are an internal user, log in using your OUHSC username and password.   If you are an external user and do not already have an iLabs account, please register for an account.  Once you have logged in, please request the service of your choice.  If you have any questions, please email us at microgen_support@ouhsc.edu.