Illumina Next-Generation Sequencing

In This Section

Illumina Next Generation Sequencing is available in the  Genomics division of the OUHSC core facilities!  Cost estimates are given below for library construction, sequencing, and  bioinformatic analysis.

Applications Offered:

  • RNA-seq 
  • Metagenomices 16s-seq
  • 3'-end Tag RNA-seq
  • BioSpyder RNA-seq
  • DNA-seq
  • ChIP-Seq

Sample Submission Instructions

DNA Samples

Submit no less than 100 ng of purified, RNAse treated, genomic (prokaryotic or viral) DNA at a concentration of at least 20 ng/ul in nuclease-free water.

RNA-seq Samples

Submit no less than 1 ug of high quality Total RNA at a concentration of at least 100 ng/ul in nuclease-free water. If you are unable to obtain this amount please contact us before submission.

16s Metagenomic Samples

Please submit no less than 20ng of purified Microbial Genomic DNA at a concentration of at least 5 ng/ul in nuclease-free water. Samples are processed in batches of 10.  If you have performed the 16s PCR before submitting, please make sure to clean up the PCR and submit 10ul of the purified PCR product.

3'-end Tag RNA-seq FWD

Please submit  from 10ng up to 500ng Total RNA at a concentration of at least 1-50ng/ul in nuclease-free water.  The kit does allow for lower quality samples and can use as little as 100pg of RNA.  Please contact the Core if you your samples are low in concentration or of poor quality so that we can plan accordingly.

BioSpyder RNA-seq

Please submit at least 100ng/ul of Total RNA in nuclease-free water.  Lower amounts of RNA can be used depending on the complexity of the assay. Please contact the Core for a consult.  FFPE samples can also be used. 10 micron cuts are recommended.

ChIP DNA Samples

Please submit 20-50 ng of ChIP DNA (200-800bp in size). If you are unable to obtain this amount please contact us before submission.

Online Submission Instructions

Request services by logging onto the OUHSC Core site via our iLab Solutions portal:

If you are an internal user, log in using your OUHSC username and password.   If you are an external user and do not already have an iLabs account, please register for an account.  Once you have logged in, please request the service of your choice.  If you have any questions, please email us at

Current Pricing

Pricing (Current OUHSC Prices)

Library Building

Library Type Internal Pricing External Pricing Industry Pricing
DNA $160/sample $320/sample $480/sample
RNA-seq $148/sample $296/sample $444/sample
16s Metagenomics (1-10 samples) $300/1-10 samples $600/1-10 samples $900/1-10 samples
3'-end Tag RNA-seq FWD $75/sample $150/sample $225/sample
BioSpyder Human RNA-seq  $300/sample $450/sample $550/sample
BioSpyder Human RNA-seq 
with FFPE
$325/sample $475/sample $575/sample
BioSpyder Mouse RNA-seq $325/sample $475/sample $575/sample


Library Sequencing

Library Type System/Read # Internal Pricing External Pricing Industry Pricing
DNA *can vary, please inquire $1500-$2100 $2000-$2600 $3000-$3600
RNA-seq 50M/sample $225 $350 $450
16s Metagenomics 600 cycle kit (up to 22M reads) $2100 $2600 $3600
3'-end Tag RNA-seq FWD 20M/sample $6/M $12/M $18/M
BioSpyder Human RNA-seq 5M/sample $6/M $12/M $18/M
BioSpyder Human RNA-seq
with FFPE
5M/sample $6/M $12/M $18/M
BioSpyder Mouse RNA-seq 5M/sample $6/M $12/M $18/M
ChIP-seq 50M reads/sample $6/M $12/M $18/M

Data Analysis

Cost Internal Pricing External Pricing Industry Pricing
CLC Data Analysis
(16 Metagenomics)
$300/run $450/run $550/run
Bulk RNA-Seq Analysis $50/sample $150/sample inquire
Bioinformatics Analysis 1-5 samples $200/sample $300/sample inquire
Bioinformatics Analysis 6-10 samles $150/sample $225/sample inquire
Bioinformatics Analysis 11-20 samles $100/sample $150/sample inquire
Bioinformatics Analysis 21+ samples $50/sample $75/sample inquire


MiSeq Data Analysis and Data Storage

 Once a run is complete, we will transfer the raw data for analysis.

         The analysis will include aligning the data to your reference genome of choice or de novo assembly, and initial analysis will be performed.  Below are files that can be expected for each type of sample analysis.

DNA Samples:  Mapping files, Summary Report, Mapping Report, Variant Reports when possible, and Unmapped Reads upon request                                                       

Whole Transcriptome Samples: Gene Expression list, Differential Expression list; and initial PCA plot, Heat Map, and Venn Diagram images                                      

16S Samples:  OTU Report, Trim Report, OTU Table, Comparison Tables                         

ChIP Samples: Summary Report, Peaks, QC Report, Peak Shape Filter, Peak Shape Score, Peaks Annotated                       

             ** Many files are interactive in the CLC Genomics Workbench Software.  Customers are responsible for additional analysis and may schedule a time to use the CLC software.      

·      Once the analysis has been performed, the files will be exported and either emailed to the customer or backed up to an encrypted drive provided by either the customer or purchased through our Core (8GB - 2TB recommended for most projects).  The customer must also back up the raw data files (.fastq) and be responsible for keeping any files that might be needed in the future.  We will keep raw data files (.fastq) for up to 3 months but if analysis has to be repeated due to a customer not saving his or her data, a charge might be applied.