NanoString MAX

The NanoString nCounter MAX profiler is made up of the fully automated MAX Prep Station and the MAX Digital Analyzer. The nCounter uses a molecular barcode technology that allows researchers to digitally examine multiple pathways in a single tube in an extraction-free workflow.  NanoString assays eliminate cDNA synthesis, amplification , and library prep which reduces technical variation.  Analysis software is free for all users and can be installed on any computer.

Please contact our group for a consult before your project in order to make sure your needs are understood and met.


Phone: 405-271-2337


All assays can be used for up to 12 samples in a single experiment.

Gene Expression Panels - 25ng - 100ng of FFPE RNA, total RNA, or fragmented RNA

*PanCaner IO 360 Gene Panel, Hallmarks of Cancer Panel, Immunology Panel, Inflammation Panel, Myeloid Innate Immunity, Neropathology, Neuroinflammation, Autoimmune Discovery Panel, Gene Fusion Panels

miRNA Expression Panels -  25ng - 100g of total RNA or miRNA from exosomes, FFPE tissue, serum, or plasma

* Human, mouse, and rat available with up to 800 miRNA targets

* Customs panels offer simultaneous analysis of mRNA (100-200) and miRA (up to 30) in the same sample

DNA Panels for SNV and CNV analysis 

*Includes tumor specific (SNV) and cancer specific (CNV) pals for FFPE and other samples

Protein Assays - for total and phospho protein samples.  Low input required to quantitate protein expression using multiplex antibody cocktails.

*Immune cell profiling, Immune Cell Signaling, Solid Tumor Panels, Heme Panels, custom

*Can also couple with 3D Flow reagents for use in cell sorting and various downstream applications.

MAX Prep Station


MAX Digital Analyzer


Sample Submission Instructions

Please set up a consultation with our group before purchasing reagents or requesting the service through iLabs, since we will need to make sure we can adequately meet your research needs.

Please contact:  Jenny Gipson

      Email: or

     Phone:  (405) 271-2337

Getting nSolver Software

NanoString's nSolver Analysis software is free for all users and can easily be download to a PC or Mac.  Please go to the following link to dowload the software:

NanoString Data Storage

Cusomers will receive all reference files (.RLF) and data files (.RCC).  It will be each users' responsibility to keep and back up that data as we cannot be responsible for it beyond 3 months.


  Internal Pricing External Pricing (Academic Non-OUHSC) Industry Pricing
NanoString Run $150.00/run $300.00/run $450.00/run
NanoString Reagents inquire inquire inquire