Leica SP2 Confocal

The highly efficient SP prism spectrophotometer for detection of fluorescence emission coupled with the AOBS (acoustical optical beam splitter) allows users to collect more signal than using standard optical filters. With the use of the multi-photon laser the microscope system becomes inherently confocal also allowing deeper penetration into tissue with less photo-bleaching.


  • Six laser excitation which produce the following excitation: 405, 458, 476, 488, 496, 514, 543, 594, and 633 nM.
  • Two fluorescent detectors and transmitted detector


  • 100x Plan APO 1.4 NA oil immersion
  • 63x Plan APO 1.4 NA oil immersion
  • 63x Plan APO 1.2 NA water corrected
  • 63x HCX APO 0.9 NA dipping
  • 40x HCX APO 1.25 NA oil immersion
  • 40x HCX APO 0.8 NA dipping
  • 10x HC PL Fluotar 0.3 NA dry
  • Images analyzed using the Leica LAS AF Lite and Volocity software


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SOP for Leica SP2              

Rates OUHSC External Industry
With operator assistance $55/ hour $110/ hour $165/ hour
Without operator assistance (must be trained) $30.00/ hour $60/ hour $90/ hour
Cancellation Charges (less than 24-hour notice) $35.00