Thermo Tribrid Lumos Fusion Orbitrap, Thermo Quantis Triple Quadrupole

Beyond making available state-of-the-art, facilities and services, the laboratory enables education, methods development, and new applications development, designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of researchers. Due to the essential information that mass spectrometry provides to researchers in the fields of life sciences and medicine, the laboratory serves as an “intellectual watering hole” at the crossroads of diverse disciplines.

At this time, we have in operation, a Thermo Tribrid Lumos Fusion Orbitrap and Thermo Quantis Triple Quadrupole mass spectrometer, a UV-vis HPLC and an FPLC. Analysis softwares include Proteome Discoverer 2.4, MaxQuant, TraceFinder


Routine mass spec and proteomic services include:

  • Protein identification by proteolytic digest
  • LC-MS/MS
  • Nano LC-MS/MS (proteomic, interactomic...)
  • Small molecule quantification
  • Targeted protein quantification
  • Database search
  • and more.

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Please contact Dr. Virginie Sjoelund to discuss custom work such as complex proteomic analysis, quantitation, de novo peptide sequencing, new application development, and other projects.