Protein Identification 

  Internal pricing External pricing
Excised Gel Band
Includes cutting of the gel band, digestion with trypsin, run on the Synapt and analysis
$165.00/band $232.18/band
Protein in Solution
Includes digestion, run on the Synapt and analysis. Gives better coverage than excised gel band                                                               
$190.00/sample         $246.76/sample
Entire Gel Analysis
Depends on the number of pieces the gel will be cut intodatabase search)


Proteomics/ IP/ Complex Protein Samples (Synapt)

  Internal pricing External pricing
LC-MS/MS qualitative                                                          $190.00           $246.76
LC-MS/MS quantitative $190.00 $256.76


Protein Painting

  Internal Pricing External Pricing
Single Protein Painting                                                                   $429.38 $563.80
Two Protein Complex Painting $859.02 $1113.48

Other Services

   Internal pricing External pricing
Direct Electrospray-MS $30.00/sample $38.92/sample
Direct Electrospray-MS/MS $30.00/sample $38.92/sample
HPLC (UV/Vis) $75.00/sample $86.50/sample
HPLC (UV/Vis) with Fraction Collection            $85.00/sample  $96.62/sample
Additional data analysis by facility personnel
Minimum one hour. Additional analysis may include, but is not limited to, additional Mascot comparisons for samples or in depth analyses of spectral data for identification of modified sites (i.e. phosporylation, glycosylation, methylation).
$75.00/hour $89.49/hour

**For questions or information please contact facility personnel.